The Kevlar Project

Ep07 Matthew Green - The Shape of Emotion

Episode Summary

This week Kevin sits down with Matthew Green, a co-founder of 5th Place and Shape of Emotion, to discuss a broad spectrum of topics related to the devastating effects of letting your emotions control you and how it’s possible to change the quality of your life by learning to manage and work through some of the negative emotion you experience on a day to day basis. Matthew and his co-founder’s conceptualization of Shape of Emotion and its locus within The 5th Place serve as an excellent mode for people struggling with anxiety and negative affect to overcome their experience in a space that is not only safe but allows for its members to heal without having to share. To quote Matthew, “while Shape of Emotion can be very therapeutic, it’s not therapy.” For more information on The Kevlar Project visit Links and media: Matthew Green: Instagram: @mandalareopens OR @the_5th_place Website: Kevin Da Costa: Instagram: @kevlar_dc Twitter: @dacostawrites Facebook: @thekevlarproject